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RESIDENTIAL (Domestic) Customer Credit Application

New Residential Customers will need to complete and submit a Fortifire Residential (Domestic) Customer Credit Application.

Fortifire has an obligation to collect this information to enable us to set up invoicing details in our system and to record details regarding the location of the works to be completed.

All work completed by Fortifire is subject to Fortifire’s Terms of Trade.

OPTION 1 – Please use the button below to download and email the completed form to admin@fortifire.com.au ; or

OPTION 2 – Scroll down to complete and submit the form via our website below.

 Our office will then be able to create an account in our Maintenance Management System and schedule your work for completion.


By submitting this application:

I certify that the information is true and correct. I have read and understand the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRADE  of Fortifire Pty Ltd T/A Fortifire which form part of, and are intended to be read in conjunction with this Online Residential (Domestic) Customer Credit Application Form and agree to be bound by those conditions. I authorise the use of my personal information as detailed in the Privacy Act clause therein.