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Fortifire’s Customer Portal

Unlike some of our competitors who claim to have a portal, Fortifire’s Customer Portal works now and you can have access from the first day that we start providing our services!

Access your data

When you want to know something about the services that you are paying for, wouldn’t it be great to have immediate access to it?

Our portal already has many great features and we will continue to invest in development and enhancement to ensure that it just keeps getting better.

Available Anywhere

If you have a device and can access the internet, then you can access your information

Multi-Site View

Get a helicopter view of all your sites or drill down to details for each property that we service

Always Improving

We are happy to get your ideas and feedback and we will aim to include in future updates

Fast and Easy

If you can navigate the internet, then you can find what you need in our portal

Secure Login

Each individual in your organisation can be provided their own secure login

Detailed Test Records

Customer and regulatory authority feedback indicates our reports are second to none

Download your data

Download Monthly Reports, Quotes, Invoices, Test Records, Asset Data and more

Compliance made easy

Colourful graphs and hover pop-ups provide instant snapshots of your compliance

Real time data

From our technician in the field, to our office adminstrators and to your very own staff. As soon as our technician completes work on site, their activity is time stamped and asset compliance status is visible on the portal. Once Test Records have been reviewed and approved by our admin team, they are published and visible on the portal as well.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

If you can navigate the internet, then you will be able to find what you need on our Portal.

The key criteria for the ongoing development of our portal is that it must be simple to operate and it must make what we do more efficient.

Use it anywhere

Any device, anywhere, anytime…..as long as you have internet access.

Whilst the Portal is optomised for use on Google Chrome, the Portal will work on most modern web browsers. If you ever experience an issue, simply contact Fortifire and we will have our developers investigate the necessary fix.

Make a winning move

Make the switch and see what Fortifire customers are experiencing.

You just have to ask yourself, could we be getting better value for our money? Is there an alternative local provider?

At the very least, pick up the phone or send us an email to discuss your options with Fortifire. What have you got to lose?


What do our customers think?

Our company has regular audits at our many branches around Australia and Fortifire consistently achieves the best results compared with any of our services contractors nationally!

I would recommend to anyone that they compare service provider offerings and see for themselves how Fortifire can help raise Fire Safety and Electrical compliance.

Joe Mostyn, Branch Manager, Bidfood Townsville

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