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fortifire Code of Conduct

You can choose to scroll down and read the Fortifire’s Code of Conduct or click the button below to download a PDF copy.

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Fortifire Code of Conduct

Fortifire’s Fire Safety, Electrical and Plumbing work is an essential part of the Building and Construction Industry. Our customers depend on Fortifire to help keep them safe and compliant.

Community safety is dependent on our professionalism, integrity, and the quality of our work. We understand that we are responsible to our community to observe high standards of conduct and ethical behaviour during the course of our work.

As an employee (or subcontractor) of Fortifire, you set an example for practitioners in the Building and Construction Industry and your conduct and behaviour should reflect and contribute to the reputable nature of Fortifire. It is essential that Fortifire employees and subcontractors adhere to our Code of Conduct.

  1. Ensure that safety is made paramount in all business practices and is best maintained through high quality work that complies with all relevant Codes and Standards; and
  2. Ensure at all times that work adheres to all relevant State and Federal regulations and requirements; and 
  1. Ensure that all work satisfies needs of customers and maintains public safety; and 
  1. Comply with all relevant confidentiality and privacy requirements to protect the rights of customers and staff; and 
  1. Work to keep abreast of the latest technological advancements and trends in Australia and around the world without taking needless risks on unproven products; and 
  1. Continuously endeavour to learn, upskill, and operate at the highest level of professionalism; and 
  1. Be honest, transparent and avoid misleading representations in all advertising; and 
  1. Seek to protect and educate others on the importance of skilled and trained businesses and workers in the Fire Protection, Electrical, and Plumbing Industries; and 
  1. with a level of professionalism that reflects well upon and enhances the company and the industries that we work in; and 
  1. Wherever possible train, provide encouragement to, and support apprentices and staff to improve work practices and raise the standard of work to ensure that there are enough qualified and licensed practitioners in the company; and 
  1. that all dealings and work uphold the reputation of Fortifire and the Associations with whom we hold membership; and 
  1. Provide information on non-compliant work or genuine misconduct to the relevant Regulator or other relevant entity or person. If that work has been performed by a Member of an association with whom Fortifire is a member, also report the non-compliant work or genuine misconduct to the relevant association; and 
  1. Adhere to the Company Complaints Management Policy when making a complaint; and 
  1. Do those things that contribute to a safe, happy, healthy, harmonious and profitable company.