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Emergency Shower and Eyewash Testing and Certification

What is Emergency Shower and Eyewash Equipment (ESEW)?

The purpose of an Emergency Shower and Eyewash station is to enable immediate and critical response to incidents involving persons exposed to hazardous substances.


Why do Emergency Shower and Eyewash Equipment require testing and how frequently is testing required?

It is a mandatory requirement that all Emergency Shower and Eyewash equipment be tested and certified to ensure that the devices supply clean potable water at all times and are in correct working order. Emergency Shower and Eyewash equipment is required to be tested and certified every 12 months as per the Australian Standard AS4775 –2007. More frequent inspection and testing is recommended to be performed by site staff or a third party provider.


Who is able to test an Emergency Shower and Eyewash?

  • Weekly: Facility staff members
  • Annually: Technician familiar with the testing procedures as per AS4775 – 2007


Managing the testing of Emergency Shower and Eyewash Equipment through a service agent:

  • A system should be in place to send notifications when the 12 month testing approaches.
  • All maintenance and testing should be carried out in accordance with the device manufacturer’s instructions and as stated in AS4775 – 2007.
  • All certificates and device registers should be stored in a PDF file.


Fortifire Services:

  • We provide all clients with a PDF of the service certificate of all Emergency Shower and Eyewash equipment tested and a device register.
  • We can provide our clients a PDF copy of all our license certificates, insurance policies, COVID and Flu Vaccination Certificates, and police checks upon request.
  • Our system is fully automated with electronic notifications of annual scheduled service issued prior to the due date, easing your administrative burden.

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Fortifire employees commit to ongoing and continuous Professional Development. Every technician holds the relevant qualifications to perform their duties competently.


Deal with a company that has industry approved Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, and WorkCover insurances.


At Fortifire, there is nowhere to hide. All activities are electronically time-stamped and geo-stamped. Customer assets are individually bar coded and  scanned at each inspection. Asset history is traced and any defect issues will remain open in our system for automatic follow-up until they have been formally resolved.

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Efficient & professional


Multiple services completed by one techncian in the same visit


Regularly calibrated, modern test equipment


Uniformed technicians with company ID Cards


Electronic safety management system


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